The word Lively means full of life and energy, outgoing, and exciting. This is exactly how sisters Vera and Olga imagined their cafe in Park Slope Brooklyn.  Healthy and organic foods are the focus, with low glycemic and vegetarian dishes that will give you energy and vitality.  Lively focuses on the foods and the ingredients themselves, always organic and local when possible, and they let the natural flavors come through.  

The Cold Pressed juices are fresh, raw and nutrient dense, they are not pasteurized and are pressed in small batches ensuring freshness.  Lively’s smoothies are low glycemic focused, avoiding the sugar spike that many sugar forward smoothies tend to cause.  



About cold pressed juice 
The best way to get your nutrients from fruits and vegetables is to eat them fresh raw and organic. Cold-pressing is an exceptional method of extracting juice by using a two-step process: grinding the produce into a pulp, then slowly pressing. This way it retains more of the phytonutrients, vitamins and enzymes.
A bottle of Lively 16 oz juice is made from two to four pounds of fruits and vegetables. That’s more than you can eat over several days! 
The cold pressed juices are made without being pasteurized, to keep all the vitamins and natural enzymes found in fruits and vegetables that help with digestion and keep the entire body aligned. 
We’re passionate about drinking juice for the health benefits. Juice that is fresh, raw and pressed from organic produce is the most nutritious. 
We make it our priority to find the healthiest ingredients - from the best sources. We choose fresh, organic produce and locally grown when possible. 
At lively We don’t use additives, GMO, processed foods, gluten, or refined sugar or dairy.